Enableing Junior To Write

We first met Junior on October 2015 in TAF (The Action Foundation) in Nairobi, Kenya, when he was 11-year-old. Junior was born with cerebral palsy which causes disability in his right hand, and difficulties in various daily activities such as grasping, writing, self-care, play and more. At the meeting on 2015, the wonderful occupational therapist of TAF adjusted our Functional Splint to Junior’s hand. Junior was happy and overwhelmed to be able to operate his hand and write with it for the first time in his life.
We donated the Functional Splint to TAF and Junior, and he has been using it since. With the encouragement of TAF and our Splint, Junior returned to school, and among other activities he uses the splint to write, play ball and take a shower on his own. In Junior’s case, the splint does not only preserve the abilities of his hand, it also taught him how to hold a pen and it restored the condition of the hand. Junior’s story particularly makes us happy, because while the main goal of a splint is to prevent deterioration and preserve existing abilities, in this case we documented an amazing rehabilitation which exceeded our expectations.

We will continue to work with junior and provide updates regard his rehabilitation with our Functional Splint and other assistive devices provided by Cassit Orthopedics.

Pictures taken by Tamar Ish Cassit and Gera Tsalihin in TAF