Cassit Orthopedics

A triple bottom line company: Social, Profitable, Environmental.

We specialize in design, manufacture and distribution of hand supports (splints), and assistive devices. Our products enable functioning, rehabilitation and care, for people with upper body disabilities and people with temporary wrist injuries.

During the last 6 years we produced variety of hand splints and devices. We work with therapists to create comprehensive and innovative solutions.

As a result from our belief in mutual responsibility and fairness, our splints are affordable and durable, high quality, long lasting, reusable and recyclable products.

They are easy to customize in just 5 minutes, with no need for electricity. They provide strong support, they are aesthetic and easy to clean and maintain.

We want to change the world for people with disabilities and bring joy into their lives, we strive to create inclusion, awareness and brotherhood among all people.