Cassit designs and produces innovative Splints and Casts for Orthopedics, Rehabilitation and Emergency care.

The company is leading a multidisciplinary development of unique thermoplastics, combining mass production technologies with customizable products. As a result, the products are low-cost to produce and of premium quality.

Each product embodies user-centered-design and C2C design (reusable and recyclable) approaches. While competitors narrowly target only 30% of the global market, Cassit makes its disruptive products accesible to all people.



Cassit is an R&D company with over 35 medical devices for limb fixation. Following 8-year expertise in splints and assistive devices design and production for individuals, we adapted them for the masses.

During the past 3 years we designed the most common shapes and sizes for mass production, with innovative use of thermoplastics.

The products then being customized according to each limb anatomy, providing excellent orthopedic support and recovery without embarrassment.

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