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How can I know what the properties or characteristics are for my splinting material?

Here are some methods to test LTTPs for these above mentioned properties: (Use small splinting material samples provided by the manufactures for this purpose).

  1. Check the sample’s thickness. You might expect the thicker samples to be more rigid. Test for rigidity by trying to bend the material.
  2. Put the sample in hot water (60-70°C or 140–160°F) and watch the following: – Does the sample turn transparent? If yes: the product is a polyester based product with memory. It is usually self-adhesive unless coated. – How much time does it takes to get fully transparent? (Activation time) – Does it remain opaque and sink to the bottom of the water bath? The product is probably blended polyester. It has no memory and does not adhere to itself. – Does it float? The product is foamed polyester and may stick to itself. If so it most probably has (slow) memory.
  3. How long does it take for the product to soften homogeneously (fully activated)?
  4. Take the sample out of the water and check the following: – Does it stick to itself? If no, it most probably also has no memory. – Does it stick to other materials? – Does a surface coating prevent permanent bonding? Then it is expected to temporarily bond before hardening, but the bonding can be popped open when the material has cooled. Make sure you know how to remove this when needed. – How far can it be stretched before tearing or stop stretching? (% of original shape) – For how long does it remain moldable? (Working time)
  5. Put the sample back into the hot water and check the memory (Does it return to original shape?)
  6. After removing the sample from the water, check the hardening time.
  7. Mold the material over your flexed MCP joints. How well does it conform to the shape?
  8. After reheating the sample, mold it over your forearm and let the edges hand down. Does it feel tacky on your skin? Does it stay in place easily?
  9. Do your finger marks show? This indicates surface impressionability and if your finger marks show easily, you must be careful when handling this material

What is the shelf life of the splinting material I purchased?

LTTPs do have a limited shelf life as these materials are made from organic components that are vulnerable to environmental factors. UV rays, heat and humidity, bacteria and germs can all have a negative effect on the thermoplastic material causing breakdown. Always store your splinting materials flat in a dry, dark place for maximum benefit. Each product will have a label declaring the expiration date which is typically three years. If your product has been sitting on the shelf for longer than 3 years, it may not perform as expected. It may become brittle, discolored and overly stretchy.

What are some helpful hints for working with all LTTPs?

Here are some quick tips and hints to get you started!

  1. When working with a non-coated product that is very sticky, try lightly rubbing the dry splinting material with a dusting of talcum or baby powder prior to placing in the hot water. The powder acts as a simple coating and makes the product less sticky, but does not contaminate the splint pan.
  2. Carefully monitor the water temperature of your splint pan and do not overheat the material.  Note the correct activation temperature for each specific material. (Check the LTTP manufacturer’s guidelines).
  3. Promptly remove each piece of LTTP when ready activated.  Leaving the material in the hot water for too long can also make it more difficult to work with.
  4. When adding outriggers, make sure to fully remove the coating from coated materials. Check to see if you should use solvent, or scrape off coating with your scissors. Heat up both parts with dry heat and firmly adhere together. If both parts are not heated, they will eventually come apart.

What is the difference between activating splinting materials with a dry heater versus a water bath?

The activation of thermoplastic sheet materials by means of a water bath at 65°C / 149°F goes faster than a dry heater due to the much higher heat transfer rate of water compared to air. On the other hand, those splints will cool down faster when molding due to the remaining water layer which remains present on the surface. The evaporation of this thin water layer subtracts the heat on a much higher level compared with dry heating. Another aspect which is influenced when using water is the stickiness: the small water layer also acts as a non-sticking layer; it will prevent the splint from sticking more than dry heating would.

The activation by means of a dry heater is more hygienic due to the lack of water. As there is no water layer involved on the splint, the crystallization time is longer, which gives the therapist or splint fabricator more time to fabricate the splint on the patient. The splint will also have a more sticky feeling as there is no water layer present. This additional stickiness can help the fabrication process by means of the so-called “third hand”, allowing the material to stay in place while the therapist positions the extremity and forms the design.

How to order?

Order by Phone, Mail, or Online. On all orders, include your code (can be found on your catalog back cover). This helps us process your order efficiently.

Payment Methods

  • Credit Card – We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express. If you’re charging your order, include the name, number and expiration date as they appear on the charge card, and the billing address as it appears on the billing statement.
  • Checks/Money Orders Mail your check/money order made payable to Cassit Orthopedics along with your order. Include tax and shipping charges. Send all remittance to: Cassit Orthopedics, ADDRESS _________. Returned checks are subject to a $30.00 fee.
  • Purchase Orders If you use a Purchase Order, be sure to indicate item numbers, quantities and prices as well as your billing address, shipping address (if different) and phone number.
  • Cassit Orthopedics Account You may also charge your order to your Cassit Orthopedics account. For information on opening an account, call our Customer Service Dept. at 123456789. All orders subject to credit approval.

Invoices that are not disputed within 30 days are considered to be accurate and accepted. Payment terms are net 30. Overdue invoices are subject to the maximum allowable interest charges.

Returns Procedure

  • Call our Customer Service Department at 123456789, Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. CT for a returned goods authorization number (RGA number). Write the number on the outside of your return shipment and send package to Cassit Orthopedics, address __________. All return shipping expenses are paid by the customer. Items must be returned within 30 days of receiving RGA number.
  • If you receive merchandise as a result of a Cassit Orthopedics error, we will pay for the return shipping expense and no restocking fee will be applied.
  • For all other returns, we will credit your account for returned merchandise, minus the required restocking fee, once merchandise has been received, inspected and confirmed to be in resalable condition. Credits will not be issued for items received in non-resalable condition. The customer is responsible for properly packaging and protecting the item during its shipping back to Cassit Orthopedics. Initial freight charges are not credited. All credits must be redeemed within 180 days. Returns Policy
  • All returns must have an RGA number (returned goods authorization number can be obtained from our Returns Department–see above). All unauthorized returns are subject to a 15% processing fee and a $10 administrative charge.
  • All returns must be in original packaging and received in new and resalable condition. For applicable restocking fees consult the chart Restocking Fees:

Days Elapsed Applicable Restocking Fees
Under 30 No restock fee on items shipped UPS.
                                          15% of price of returned item on truck shipped items
30-60 25% of price of all returned items
61-90 50% of price of all returned items
Sorry, no returns will be accepted after 90 days elapse.

  • For health reasons we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of eating, hygiene and mouth stick products. In addition, we cannot accept books, computer software and videos that have been removed from original packaging.

• Credits for returns are issued only to original purchaser.


All shipping charges and risk of loss are F.O.B. Seller’s plant and are the responsibility of the purchaser. All related shipping and handling charges will be added to customer invoice. Alaska and Hawaii orders are sent Priority Mail unless otherwise requested.

Same Day Shipping & Handling Orders for stocked merchandise received by 4:00 p.m. ET Monday through Friday will be shipped the same day via commercial ground carrier. Rush Delivery Air Shipments If you need an order right away, we’ll arrange for next-day air or second-day air delivery. Charges for this service will be added to your invoice*.

Shipping Charges Standard parcel charges will apply to all ground shipments* and will be calculated at time of order. Ship from Factory Some products are shipped direct from the factory or are made to order. These will normally be shipped within 4 weeks. Please call Customer Service for freight charges**

NOTE: Due to escalating fuel surcharges from our freight carriers, we are now forced to pass on a fuel surcharge for all ground orders. We reserve the right to modify the surcharge as market conditions change. NOTE: When orders list several items, some of which aren’t in stock, we will fill the portions we can and bill you for shipping them. However, any subsequent backordered items will be shipped free of charge.

* Unfortunately, due to the oversized and/or overweight nature of certain merchandise, additional charges may apply. Please request a quote from a customer service representative.
For Saturday delivery, add $10. For early morning delivery M-F, add $30

** Products requiring moving van, inside, or lift gate delivery may require additional delivery charges. Please request a quote from your customer service representative.
Subject to quotation.

Damaged Goods

Damaged or short shipments should be reported within 5 days of receipt.

If a shipment arrives damaged or if the box appears damaged…

  • Note damage on the delivery bill and have the driver sign it, acknowledging the damage.
  • Contact the Cassit Orthopedics Customer Service Department within 5 days of receipt at 123456789 to start processing an insurance claim. An order will be entered at that time to replace the merchandise.
  • Save the container and merchandise for inspection.


Terms are net 30 days. Send all remittance to: Cassit Orthopedics, P.O. Box 93040, Chicago, IL 60673-3040. Returned checks are subject to a $30.00 fee. Cassit Orthopedics reserves the right to withhold shipment of pending orders for overdue accounts. Overdue invoices shall bear interest at 11 ⁄2% or maximum rate allowed by law. Customer shall be responsible for any cost of collection.


Prices listed are professional prices to healthcare professionals and institutions. If you are a corporate account member, please identify yourself as such when ordering to receive your discount. Individual product prices are effective January 1, 2013, and are subject to change without notice. Unless otherwise specified, all prices are F.O.B. Seller’s plant. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Sales Tax & Exemptions

If the facility receiving the merchandise is in a state or locality that normally charges tax, and you are exempt from tax, include a copy of your exemption or resale certificate with your payment or fax to: 123456789. Your sales tax will then be credited and exempt for all future orders. If your facility is not in such a state or locality, please submit use tax directly to your state.

Limited Product Warranty

Customer must notify Cassit Orthopedics of any manufacturing defect within five days of discovery of the defect. Upon a determination by Cassit Orthopedics that the product is defective, Cassit Orthopedics’ sole and exclusive obligation shall be to provide customer with a replacement product or a full refund of the purchase price, at the sole discretion of Cassit Orthopedics, and to reimburse customer for any return freight costs. In no event shall Cassit Orthopedics be liable for any other costs or expenses including lost profits or direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or punitive damages. In the event the product includes a warranty card or extended warranty from the manufacturer, customer’s sole recourse under such warranty shall be against the manufacturer. The warranty set forth herein shall govern all purchases, notwithstanding any inconsistent terms and conditions of customer’s purchase order.

Product Information

Equipment described and illustrated in the Cassit Orthopedics catalog is subject to modification consistent with the latest trends, designs or other factors. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided within this publication, Cassit Orthopedics reserves the right to correct any errors and/or omissions found herein.

Special Services

Consumer-Direct Orders

Items are available to patients for direct purchase at retail prices through the Cassit Orthopedics Enrichments program. Consumer-direct orders must be prepaid including shipping/handling and sales tax. Consumers may also order online at:  

New Account Registration & Linking

Whether you’re a healthcare professional or a consumer, you do not have to be an existing customer to register an online account and place orders.

Ordering Account vs. Online Account

Ordering Accounts: Ordering accounts establish customer pricing, ordering terms, and billing information.  If you receive special pricing and credit terms, these accounts can only be set up directly with Customer Service by phone. 
If special pricing and terms do not apply, an ordering account will be created when your first order is received.

Online accounts: Registered accounts created online directly by website users.  You do not have to be an existing customer to register an online account.  In order for an online account to reflect any special pricing and terms of an already established ordering account, it must be Linked using a customer number and correct billing information.

Registration Problems

Most problems will be indicated by an “error message” during the registration process.  If an irresolvable error prevents registration, please contact Site Support.

Invalid Addresses:We utilize address validation to verify deliverable locations.  If you encounter an invalid address error, please confirm the address.  If this error cannot be resolved, please contact Customer Service.

Your Account Number

New Cassit Orthopedics customers will be assigned an account number upon order receipt.  If you’re an existing customer, and do not know your account number, it can be found on an invoice or you may contact Customer Service.

Important Note: As of July 28, 2008, all existing account numbers will be re-assigned new 9-digit customer numbers which can be obtained by contacting Customer Service.

What is Linking?

Linking is the process of connecting a registered Online Account with an Ordering Account.  Linking allows customers to order online with specific pricing and terms of an established ordering account (if applicable).

Linking Your Account

Linking can be achieved three ways:

1. Registration – During online registration, an existing customer can provide an account number.  If both the account number and billing information match the Ordering Account on file, a link will automatically be established.
2. My Account –If you’ve already registered an online account, you can Link at any time in the My Account section of the site using an account number.
3. First Order –If you’re an existing customer who has not Linked but placed an online order, Customer Service will establish the link for you upon order receipt.

Linking Problems

The most common linking problems are related to account number, billing address, or both.  You can verify these by checking a recent invoice or you may contact Customer Service.

Forgot Password
The Forgot Password function will email a temporary password to the registered address on file by providing a valid User ID.  For security reasons, you will be required to answer a security question.  Passwords can be changed any time in the My Account section of the site.

Change Password

Your may change your password and security question at any time. Change Password.

User IDs

User IDs cannot be changed.  If you have forgotten your ID, please contact Site Support.

Login Problems

Passwords are case sensitive – check your keyboard for caps lock. The Forgot Password function can reset your password if necessary.  If you continue to experience problems, please contact Site Support.

Order Confirmations

Upon submitting an order via the internet, an order confirmation will automatically email to the registered address on file.  You are also given the opportunity at checkout to provide additional email addresses you’d like to receive confirmation.  If you do not receive an order confirmation on screen or by email, please contact Customer Service.

Missing Order Number
If you are a new customer, or an existing customer without a Linked online account, your first website order will be assigned an Order Number only after the order has been received.  This information is usually available within 24 hours by viewing your order detail in the My Order section of the website.

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